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Avrom Topperman


Avrom Topperman

Avrom Topperman


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Avrom joined Keoghs in 2005 and is experienced in dealing with all types of motor fraud cases. He has been involved in a number of areas within counter-fraud services(CFS), including heading up Keoghs intelligence services for six years. 

Avrom’s current focus is on the techncial development of fraud ring team members alongside running a fraud ring caseload with responsibility for coordinating the strategic response to a number of industry wide fraud rings. Avrom also acts as supplier manager for CFS.

Latest Insights by Avrom Topperman

Blogs 04/04/2017

Keoghs Casebook – Fraud Analysis April ‘17

With the volume of successful cases currently experienced by our fraud team, we’ve decided to dip into our casebook and provide some extracts in a new regular blog post. In our first post we explore some of the more unusual strategies employed to push a case to a successful outcome.