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Melanie Mooney


Melanie Mooney

Melanie Mooney


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Melanie joined Keoghs in 2002, and was instrumental in the development and implementation of our credit hire team resulting in promotion to partner in 2008. Since that time she has specialised in credit hire claims and is the strategic director for credit hire with a team of over 150 people.

Melanie is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining key strategies both internally and externally, working closely with our thought leadership and strategic litigation teams ensuring there is a synergy.

Melanie is responsible for identifying areas where the law is unclear or needs development or there is friction and then moving cases towards setting precedent.

She advises clients on issues of market wide importance and ensures clients are updated in respect of any key developments whilst continuing to handle cases of significance.

Melanie has successfully won cases in the Court of Appeal which have shaped the law and the market for the benefit of all (Singh v Yaqubi and Opoku v Tintas being just two key examples). She also retains day to day interest in the credit hire unit and oversees the work carried out by our market leading complex hire team.

Latest Insights by Melanie Mooney

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Credit Hire in the MoJ Portal

Credit hire claims are difficult to track through the MoJ Portal – costing insurers significant amounts of money. Melanie Mooney highlights the issue and how Keoghs can assist

Blogs 29/11/2018

Unreasonable behaviour pulled up by Court

In a refreshing decision in the County Court at Croydon, District Judge Gambril ordered the claimant to pay the defendant’s costs in the sum of £800 due to the claimant’s unreasonable behaviour.

AWARE 26/01/2018


When discussing with clients what claims they find difficult to deal with, one of the subjects which comes up time and time again is how to handle taxi claims. Why are they so difficult? Melanie Mooney takes a closer look.