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Mike Renshaw

Mike Renshaw


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Mike qualified in 1993 and became a partner in 1998.  Heading up our Southampton office, he has twenty years’ experience of defendant insurance litigation for insurers and their individual and corporate policyholders. He handles motor and EL/PL claims of all value including those of highest severity, involving amputation, paralysis, brain or spinal injury. He has specialist knowledge of high value claims in foreign jurisdictions and has handled the Court of Appeal case of: Price v Price [2003] and the High Court case of Toropdar v D [2009] which established the right of an insurer to bring a claim for a declaration on liability when faced with a reluctant claimant.

Mike is a regular speaker on a broad range of topics relating to catastrophic claims including periodical payments, care costs, life expectancy and multipliers.  He has handled many periodic payment cases and has extensive experience of drafting, checking and calculating PPOs.

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Client Alerts 04/11/2020

ASHE Day 2020

ASHE figures for 2020 were published on 3 November 2020. The average increase over the 60th to 90th centiles is 4.98%, the highest increase for 13 years. The average increase in 2019 was 3.78% and the year before was 3.5% so this is a fairly significant jump.