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Ruth Needham

Ruth Needham


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Ruth has been a Partner within the fraud department since 2007 and is responsible for the day to day management of numerous high profile clients, regularly assisting them to achieve their strategic objectives with all elements of fraud.

Ruth first joined Keoghs in 2002 as a solicitor. In 2006 she developed the specialist fraud ring team, now recognised as the leading fraud ring department in the country with over 40 handlers specialising in organised or enabler-led fraud rings. Ruth has been recognised for the work she has done through Operation Orion resulting in the acceptance of exemplary damages in personal injury cases. She has also raised the profile of the problem created by organised fraud, speaking at numerous industry conferences (both national and international) along with appearances on TV programmes and contributing to workshops with third parties. Ruth regularly engages with police organisations, IFED and the IFB to assist her clients achieve the best possible outcome on their cases.

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Trials and tribulations

Ruth Needham, director of fraud rings leads a team of 48 all specialising in defending fraudulent claims. Here she recaps on a few recent successes at trial.