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Stuart Giddings


Stuart Giddings

Stuart Giddings


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Stuart qualified in October 2006 and has focussed on defendant personal injury work since February 2008.  He specialises in serious and catastrophic injuries and has developed a niche interest in dealing with amputations and prosthetic rehabilitation.  He also regularly deals with serious orthopaedic and brain injuries and fatal accident claims.  

Stuart has extensive experience with liability and motor work and takes a specialist interest in pedestrian and cyclist liability claims. He has developed a “casebook” of all notable decisions since 2000 and sends updated reviews and judgments of key decisions to clients so they can maintain their own file of relevant case law.  

Notable cases include:

•    Defending a claim for a notable lift company when one of its maintained lifts collapsed, sadly killing a passenger who was alighting the lift at the time.  Stuart dealt with the criminal prosecution against the company involving a leading QC and junior counsel, the Inquest and a multi-million pound dependency claim pursued by the deceased’s partner.  The deceased was a successful investment banker, and three different scenarios were pleaded for the dependency claim at £4million, £8million and £17million.  The claim settled at a JSM for a figure in excess of £5million.

•    Defending a claim pursued by a 45 year old male who lost a lower limb as a result of an accident at work and was claiming for a biomechanical prosthetic limb.  The cost of the foot was significantly higher (to the order of three times) than what might be considered the “normal” private prosthetic offering.  However, it meant the claimant would have a much better quality of life in which he would (a) suffer limited deterioration in later life (b) be able to return to work (c) require less care and (d) reduce (and actually nearly eliminate) an accommodation claim.   From the same client, Stuart is also now dealing with a claim where a 19 year old claimant has lost a hand in an accident at work.  Myoelectric hands have been trialled and the claimant is to be fitted with his preferred choice.  Further trials of Electronic Terminal Devices from the USA are planned.

•    Successfully repudiated a significant injury claim from a pedestrian stepping into the road in front of a bus in London.  By relying on CCTV, lots of witness evidence, police officer interviews and forensic accident reconstruction evidence, Stuart was able to successfully establish there was no liability on the part of the driver, with his actions being of the reasonable driver and him not being expected to meet the “counsel of perfection” argued by the claimant.  The claimant had suffered a serious brain injury, lacked capacity and required a support worker on a daily basis so this was a huge success for the defendant.