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Chronic Pain

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Andrew Underwood

Andrew Underwood


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We have worked with a number of our clients in recent years to address the issue of chronic pain and, despite having good results from early identification and handling processes, we continue to see chronic pain as a developing area.

Whilst such claims are not particularly new, they are being pursued with more vigour and require a specialist and detailed knowledge of the medical issues involved or, in the case of fraud, practical experience of the legal processes involved. We are well placed to assist our clients in these emerging areas.

Our dedicated chronic pain team brings together senior solicitors and partners who have the technical expertise and experience to deal with chronic pain related claims. With early involvement and access to medical evidence, we can make an informed decision about the strategy for the claim e.g. agreeing compensation levels, sourcing rehabilitation or conducting further investigation if the case appears to be exaggerated or potentially fraudulent.

Know Your Opponent strategies are key to ensure that the evidence process embarked upon by claimant firms is applied correctly and that defendants are not at a disadvantage. Additionally, similar strategies are required at all stages of the process, particularly at the lower claim track limits, to ensure that this claim type is effectively managed. Our depth of experience ensures we can help you implement the correct chronic pain strategy at all points of the process.