Credit Hire Fraud

Key Contact

Fraser McAndry

Fraser McAndry


T:01204 678693

Our Credit Hire Fraud team utilises dedicated intelligence and sits within a Credit Hire unit handling over 42,000 claims per annum, giving us a distinct advantage over many providers with the ability to analyse a high volume of cases across all stages of the claims process.

Keoghs’ credit hire database contains over 2,000 CHOs with 360 set as a key attractor in our Advanced Data Analytics system. This allows us to screen against extensive credit hire and fraud data sets, often spotting new-to-market CHOs before many insurers.

Our credit hire data is combined with an overall fraud database containing millions of entities built over almost 20 years and is complimented by a rigorous manual screening process plus our bespoke Know Your Opponent strategy.

Although our litigation rate is below 3%, your credit hire fraud champion will ensure that any litigated cases are handled in alignment with your strategy and philosophy, providing expertise and knowledge on a non-delegated basis.

Acting as your strategic partner, the Credit Hire Fraud team provide an outsourced service which will not only help you increase identification rates, but also significantly reduce litigation and time wasted reviewing genuine files, safe in the knowledge that any litigated cases are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

The Credit Hire Fraud team is lead by Fraser McAndryJohn Gibson and David Dering.