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James Heath

James Heath


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The increase in the volume and cost of gadgets are just two factors which have seen insurance costs rise in the lifestyle sector. Inevitably this has also resulted in a rise in fraudulent claims. For some areas, such as mobile phone insurance, cases require minimal information to effectively validate a claim, therefore identifying suspect claims becomes more difficult. Our fraud experts offer a number of solutions to tackle these growing areas of fraud.

Handling suspect claims requires the sensitive application of hybrid expertise to ensure that the probability of fraud is established quickly and the correct strategy applied. Our lifestyle fraud team offers you that ‘holistic’ approach and, as part of the largest and most experienced fraud unit in the insurance industry, we handle the full range of suspicious claims including fraud rings. We employ aggressive strategies to effect a change of behaviour in the claimant market, handling claims in litigation or pre-litigation. Our experts also continue to develop strategies to combat suspect claims which include taking advantage of abuse of conduct to secure orders for costs, tort of deceit actions and referrals to law enforcement agencies.