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David Pugh


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Contrary to predictions, the number of mesothelioma claims has yet to reach its peak and it is clear that such claims will be intimated for many years to come. A unique disease within the litigation environment, there have been a number of court decisions over the last few years which have made it increasingly difficult to defend claims for mesothelioma.

Our disease team have taken a number of steps to address the cost and financial burden this places on insurers, from both a handling and strategic level. Our pioneering new approach to handling such claims is beginning to turn the tide in our clients’ favour, wrestling back some control over the process whilst also providing support for strategic discussions.

Added to this, Keoghs’ ‘Claimant First’ strategy has not only seen cycle times and average costs spend reduced by 15% against previous levels and/or client benchmarks, but also ensures a fair settlement for the claimant.