Motor Fraud

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James Heath

James Heath


T:0247 665 8256

Our counter-fraud team is the largest and most experienced in the insurance industry; helping you define, implement and improve your counter-fraud strategies and processes. From an exaggerated individual claim to a multi-insurer, multi-claimant, organised fraud ring, we have been at the forefront of detection and prevention of motor fraud for well over a decade.

This considerable experience in tackling fraud has led to the development of robust and effective handling processes for all of the main types of motor insurance fraud including:

  • Staged / contrived collisions
  • Induced accidents
  • Low speed impact (LSI) claims
  • Exaggerated losses
  • Bogus passenger claims
  • Suspicious hire and storage claims
  • Late notified claims

Added to this, our counter-fraud team are backed by Keoghs Intelligence Services, the largest and one of the most respected insurance fraud intelligence units in the country.

With foundations built on motor fraud, we have an incredibly rich database of fraud claims history whilst relevant indicators are built into our case management system, allowing for routine screening throughout the life of a claim.

We have also developed an enviable reputation for assisting insurers to fight back against the fraudsters using strategic litigation, with consistently impressive case results and savings.