Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

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Peter Kenworthy

Peter Kenworthy


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Initially a team of six, our NIHL team now numbers over 80 and handles almost 10,000 claims a year.

Keoghs’ disease team has for the past 20 years utilised it’s unique skill set , structure and resource to provide market leading support in this field, allowing Keoghs to provide a dedicated NIHL claims team of 80, handling up to 10,000 claims a year on behalf of clients at the peak of the recent surge in NIHL claims.

Along the way we have developed a comprehensive strategy to deal with NIHL claims, utilising legislative intervention, procedural reform, test litigation, business intelligence strategies and the claims process.

Keoghs has a particular specialism dealing with these claims, using a process driven approach to drive claims to early resolution and delivering impressive results from kick out rates and cycle times to the reduction of indemnity spend and restriction of claimant’s costs.

Our Know Your Opponent strategies and heavy involvement in various NIHL initiatives such as repeat audiogram requests on claims where there are no beach or causation issues, serve to aid these impressive results.