Property Fraud (1st Party)

Key Contact

Louise Murphy

Louise Murphy


T:01204 677079

Our Property Risks & Coverage team (PRC) acts for a number of insurers advising them on first party fraud in relation to all types of risks.

Our PRC team are used to handling diverse and commercially sensitive first party fraud cases on behalf of insurers, including claims featuring arson, staged losses and fraudulent exaggeration.

We adopt a holistic approach to first party fraud cases. If there is a policy point that can be taken to knock out a suspected fraudulent claim then we will pursue that rather than incurring costs investigating and trying to prove fraud.

We are aware of the potential damage that can be done to an insurer’s brand if unsubstantiated fraud allegations are made against an insured. We therefore work closely with our clients to ensure that any allegations of fraud are investigated and validated by evidence before a final decision is reached, thus minimising the risk of challenge. This approach is even more important now that insureds can pursue a claim for damages for late payment of their insurance claim if the decision is wrong.