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Credit Hire Aware 10


Welcome to Issue 10 of Credit Hire AWARE.  In my review of the quarter I reflect on the changes in the market and the subsequent impact this is having.

Highlights in this issue of Credit Hire AWARE include two reviews from Melanie Mooney of significant cases she has run to trial recently, looking at Willis v Phillips and Frankland v UKā€ˆInsurance.  We also have a ‘day in the life’ article from Stephen Holmes on what kind of work he typically does for the team and clients.  

Don Clarke discusses the impact of the referendum on the credit hire market, and Fraser McAndry reports back on the recent credit hire fraud mock trial.

Finally we have a ‘guest’ article on a fraud case involving credit hire from Elaine Ibbotson.

As always, if you have any queries about anything featured in this issue please do not hesitate to contact us.

Quarterly Review

AWARE 18/08/2016

Review of the Quarter

John Gibson looks at the main issues from the last quarter, including the potential implications of Brexit on Government reform.

Willis Phillips

AWARE 18/08/2016

Willis v Phillips

This was a case which began life in the MoJ portal process via Winn Solicitors. During the course of the claim personal injury damages were agreed leaving only the hire claim outstanding.

AWARE 18/08/2016

A Day in the Life...

Stephen Holmes, Intelligence Analyst in the Credit Hire Fraud team, explains what his role is in the team and how it helps the fraud identification process.

Frankland v UK Insurance Ltd

AWARE 18/08/2016

Staggering Hire Charges Quashed

In a case which appears to have caught the attention of the tabloid press and aroused the public’s interest, partner Mel Mooney, who handled the case, examines the facts and the potential impact on future cases.

Mock Trial Success

AWARE 18/08/2016

Mock Trial Success

The Keoghs credit hire and credit hire fraud teams held a mock ‘trial’ for clients in June, taking over the Moot Court room at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

To pay or not to pay

AWARE 18/08/2016

To Pay or Not to Pay?

A recent case handled by Keoghs considered the question of whether a credit hire company should be liable to pay the insurer’s costs when the hirer’s claim was dismissed at trial.