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Blogs 24/06/2020

The prevailing wind in the battle of statistics over clinical judgment

Complex Injury Partners Jamie McCabe and Andrew Underwood analyse the recent case of Chaplin v Pistol 2020 EWHC 1543 (QB), where the High Court dismissed an application by the defendant to rely on statistical evidence on the issue of life expectancy, a similar application having been rejected at earlier CMC in July 2019.

Blogs 23/06/2020

COVID-19: Transforming change for Motor Personal Injury Claims?

Mark Hall, Strategy Director for Motor Personal Injury,  examines the longer term impact of the pandemic lockdown on claims volumes, severity and changing claimant market behaviours. With the whiplash reforms still intended for April 2021, is  Covid-19 now the catalyst for a structural  review  of claims delivery and strategy in a post pandemic claims world?

Blogs 18/06/2020

Scottish QOCS in place by Winter 2020? The impact on fraudulent claims

For some time now Scottish practitioners have been warning clients about the introduction of Qualified One Way Costs Shifting (QOCS) in Scotland. In 2018 the Civil Litigation (Expenses and Group Proceedings) (Scotland) Act was enacted, setting out the legal framework for QOCS. However, the necessary court rules implementing QOCS are yet to be published. 

Blogs 09/06/2020

Escaping the shackles of the budgeted sum

Some recent decisions from specialist costs judges bring back into focus the question of how the indemnity principle interacts with approved budgeted costs and good reason to depart under CPR 3.18.