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Blogs 17/02/2021

Technology and Care: A Game Changer?

Press reports at the turn of year included fascinating technological developments that could prove a watershed in the provision and cost of care. With care costs so high, insurers should be paying close attention. Claire Quinn and Natalie Dawes take a look at new care technologies that could become part of normal routines.

Blogs 16/02/2021

Prejudice – A defendant’s burden

The recent case of "Azam v University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust" (in the High Court, on appeal from the County Court) explores the issues of limitation and prejudice. It outlines once again that the burden is on the defendant to prove actual prejudice to their case, as a result of the claimant’s delay.

Blogs 11/02/2021

Hidden Danger - Violence in Retail

With the Government urging retailers and supermarkets in particular to enforce the wearing of face coverings, and reports suggesting the pandemic has seen a large rise in verbal abuse, threats and assaults on retail staff, we examine how retailers can balance government guidance with protecting workers. We also take a look at dealing with violence in the workplace to reduce the risk of assault claims.

Blogs 27/01/2021

Crowdfunding and the deduction of collateral benefits

One of the features of social media has been how it has allowed individuals to give so generously, via “crowdfunding”, to those considered deserving of financial support, whether they be an individual or a particular cause. How might the court treat such payment in the context of a claim for damages?

Blogs 20/01/2021

Smart Motorway safety concerns

Acting Senior Coroner, David Urpeth made the national headlines this week with a vocal criticism of Smart Motorways which he felt had contributed to the deaths of two motorists in road traffic collision on the M1 in June 2019. He found “as a finding of fact, it is clear a lack of hard shoulder contributed to this tragedy." 

Blogs 12/01/2021

COVID-19 and prestige hires: Is like for like really an ‘entitlement’?

Whilst it is to be applauded that the majority of the industry on both sides have undoubtedly worked hard to establish and maintain a co-operative approach through the Covid crisis, amongst the minority there is no doubt that the last nine months have starkly amplified some of the kind of behaviours that embody the very worst excesses of the credit hire industry.