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An Update on Statutory Funding


The Government has reintroduced NHS CHC assessments in the community as of the 1 September 2020. This will require the addressing of all assessments deferred due to the pandemic in addition to undertaking routine referrals after the 1 September.

In addition the Government has issued new guidance from the 1 September dealing with disputes between Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) over who is responsible for funding. In the snappily titled guidance “Who Pays? Determining which commissioner is responsible for making payment to provider” the government attempts to address the funding conflict that can get in the way of discharge planning. Going forward such disputes should not delay delivery, with shared funding imposed along with a dispute resolution process. The guidance does not set rules for determining responsibility for commissioning services as between the NHS and local authorities or between local authorities.

Keoghs Comment

These changes signal a wish to return to normality from the original crisis measures that impacted state funding and discharge planning from the NHS. However with growing signs of a second wave in the community it is hard to see how the NHS will be able to cope with the resumption of their obligations around discharge planning. Time will tell.

Regardless of such concerns, the “Who Pays” guidance is a positive step forward and should help to address the “turf war” that can get in the way of state funding delivery at the point of discharge.

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