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Client Alerts 09/09/2021

Blackpool v DSN - Court of Appeal decision

The Court of Appeal has handed down its judgment in Blackpool Football Club v DSN. This decision has been eagerly anticipated  as it could have far reaching implications on cases of a similar nature

Client Alerts 07/09/2021

Government response to FRC Consultation

The Government has responded to the 2019 consultation paper ‘Extending Fixed Recoverable Costs in Civil Cases: Implementing Sir Rupert Jackson’s Proposals’. The Government consulted on the following proposals: 1. Extending FRC to all other civil cases in the fast track, up to a value of £25,000 in damages; 2. A new process and FRC for NIHL claims; 3. Expanding the fast track to include simpler ‘intermediate’ cases valued between £25,000–£100,000 in damages; and 4. The introduction of costs budgeting in ‘heavy’ JRs

Client Alerts 27/08/2021

Damages Claims Portal Pilot Scheme: What's it all about?

Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has been developing a programme of reform to modernise the court service since 2016.  This programme includes the provision of digital services to improve efficiency.  The Damages Claims Portal (DCP) started its life back in 2017 as a limited pilot for the issuing of claims online, and has been developed since then to cover more of the claims process, with the longer term intention of this becoming a complete end to end service for damages claims. Natalie Larnder summarises the pilot scheme and how it may help with the court backlog.

Client Alerts 18/08/2021

The new GHRs are approved: a retreat from objectivity

The Master of the Rolls has accepted the changes recommended by the Civil Justice Council’s (CJC) working group on Guideline Hourly Rates (GHR), and has asked that the recommendations are implemented, with a view to the new guide being used from 1 October 2021.  

Client Alerts 17/08/2021

Violence in retail – an update on legislative action

Keoghs has previously highlighted the issue of violence towards retail staff; the hidden danger of working in this sector. Despite the heroic efforts of staff to keep the country going during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the issue has been getting worse.