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Client Alerts 21/05/2020

Mesothelioma and Low Level Exposure – The Lost Cause Revived

Since 2002 claimants have proved causation in mesothelioma by using the Fairchild formula of a material contribution to the risk of disease. This is usually a simple task. Most claimants have been exposed to significant levels of respirable asbestos fibre. As we get further away from the years of heavy asbestos exposure we will get more marginal cases. We then have to look at the Fairchild test with more care. What, exactly, is material?

Client Alerts 11/05/2020

Group finances and inter-linked companies: Who is the Weakest Link?

It’s been four years now since the Sentencing Guidelines for health and safety (and some food law offences) was introduced. Although most people in the industry know that fines are now based on categories of company size and turnover, we are still getting queries about how the courts would treat complicated corporate structures where the resources and financial procedures may in some ways be inter-linked.