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Client Alerts 15/11/2021

Campbell v Advantage: Appeal Dismissed

The Court of Appeal has dismissed the claimant's appeal in the case of Campbell v Advantage. The appeal raised a very important point of law: what is the correct test to apply when determining contributory negligence, so far as it relates to a passenger who has accepted a lift from an unfit driver? Mike Pope summarises the key points raised in this case.

Blogs 11/11/2021

Smart(ish) Motorways: Where do we go from here?

The latest report on Smart Motorways has been published by the Commons Transport Select Committee, highlighting concerns with all-lane running smart motorways. Craig Withington summarises the main points from the report in our latest blog.

Client Alerts 10/11/2021

Loss of control of data itself is not an express right to compensation

With data breach claims on the rise, all eyes have been on the eagerly awaited Supreme Court decision in Lloyd v Google.  Anticipated to have significant implications for organisations and data subjects alike, the coup for Google is likely to be of considerable relief to many organisations.  We explore what the decision means and whether it is all good news.  

Client Alerts 09/11/2021

The High Court provides some stability to ‘Failure to Remove’ Claims in the appeals of HXA v Surrey County Council and YXA v Wolverhampton City Council

The keenly anticipated High Court decision on the appeals of HXA and YXA was announced on 8 November 2021. It provides firm guidance on the issue of ' assumed responsibility ' for local authorities. In this article Nicola Markie reviews the background to the cases and highlights the implications of the decision.

Blogs 02/11/2021

COP26: What’s keeping insurers awake at night?

Climate change is an issue which affects us all – as individuals and as businesses.  As we head into the start of COP26, with repeated strikes against the insurance industry by climate activists, including protestors spilling 1,000 litres of fake oil outside Lloyd’s on Friday, we consider what’s keeping insurers awake at night when it comes to climate change and sustainability.