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Keoghs appointed to NHS Litigation Authority panel

News And Events31/07/2015

Keoghs has been appointed to the NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA) legal costs draftsman panel.

NHS LA awarded Keoghs a place as one of two members of the panel.

Keoghs’ CEO, John Whittle, said: “We are delighted that Keoghs has been appointed onto the NHS LA panel. We look forward to helping the NHS LA achieve their objective of challenging excessive claimant costs, by taking a robust approach to exaggerated costs bills which are not supported by evidence.”

The NHS LA success is another fantastic achievement for the Bolton-based firm after being added to the Hastings panel at the end of last year. Mr Whittle said: “Our continued success in a tough market is testament to the hard work of everyone at Keoghs and reinforces our reputation as one of the leading defendant insurance law firms.”

Keoghs’ 65-strong costs team has over 25 years’ experience in providing costs legal services arising out of pre and post issue personal injury claims. In the last five years the team has handled over 60,000 costs claims with a total value of over £750m for over 30 different compensators. This year alone, the team has handled costs claims valued at over £160m, saving over £60m for clients.

The NHS LA was established in 1995 as a Special Health Authority providing indemnity cover for legal claims against the NHS. They manage clinical and non-clinical claims against the NHS on behalf of their members with the aim of settling justified claims fairly and quickly and defending unmeritorious claims robustly. During 2014/15, claimants sought to recover £326m in costs, the NHS LA paid £219m making a saving of £107m.