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Client Alerts 18/01/2021

As the FCA dust settles...

Partner and Head of Property Risks and Coverage, Richard Houseago focuses on two issues that have emerged as a result of the Supreme Court decision announced on Friday 15 January 2021. 

Blogs 28/09/2020

The Lowdown on Lockdown Farmed Claims

In July’s blog, I identified differing types of late notified claims which have plagued insurers following COVID-19. However, insurers are now facing a fresh challenge in ‘the new normal’ from a specific type of whiplash claim arising out of minor road traffic accidents. These Coronaclaims or Lockdown Farmed Claims (LFCs) are submitted into the MOJ Portal and quickly followed with a medical report prepared remotely, taking advantage of MedCo temporarily lifting the ban on such examinations. They often arise out of innocuous accidents in car parks at low speed in which injury is unlikely.

Client Alerts 16/09/2020

The FCA BI Test Case: What next?

So we now have the first instance decision of the High Court in the FCA test cases exploring the true construction of certain non-damage extensions to a range of Business Interruption policies. As the dust starts to settle, subject to any appeals, what might concerned BI insurers be considering next?

Client Alerts 12/12/2019

White Goods Fires – Encouragement for Commercial Claimants

For a number of years now an interesting issue has been simmering about whether a business entity has a strict cause of action for damage to its commercial property because of the combined effect of Section 41 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 and “safety regulations” introduced pursuant to part II of that Act.