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AWARE 14/12/2020

Costs Aware | December 2020

Welcome to the eighth issue of Costs aware. In this issue we cover a number of areas including misguided inflationary increases to Guideline Hourly Rates. There is also a feature on data claims, an area that's become the focus of many claimant firms in 2020. 

Blogs 02/11/2020

How many lawyers does it take…?

Any advocate regularly attending court hearings will confess that one of the most difficult parts of the job is trying to frantically scribble down submissions from your opponent, or findings made by the judge, whilst formulating counter arguments or working through what the decision means generally for the case you are advancing. As a costs lawyer, there is an added burden of having your calculator out (or Excel spreadsheet open) in order to amend and update figures as costs are being assessed.