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Keoghs Launches Online Ogden Multiplier Calculator


Keoghs' Complex Injury team today launch their free to use online Ogden multiplier calculator.
Following the MOJ’s response to the Consultation on the Personal Injury Discount Rate, it is clear that the discount rate will soon change again and will continue to be reviewed and possibly altered at least every three years.

The calculation of multipliers has become a time-consuming exercise with calculations having to be carried out for a range of different discount rates and retirement ages that don’t appear in the Ogden tables.

To assist with this exercise, Keoghs has developed an online Ogden multiplier calculator that effortlessly carries out these complex calculations for you with just a few essential pieces of information. Importantly it is free to use, requires no login name or password and will be maintained to reflect changes as they occur.

Features of the calculator include the ability to:

  • Instantly calculate all life and earnings multipliers at discount rates ranging from  -1.00% to + 2.5%
  • Provide earnings multipliers for all retirement ages between 50 and 75
  • Automatically apply Table A-D discounts
  • Calculate the exact multiplier for all ages include parts of years e.g. 30.25.
  • Cater for reduction in life expectancy by increasing the age of the claimant
  • Convert gross to net earnings
  • Provide multipliers for term certain and periodic replacement

We hope you find it useful.  Keoghs is committed to continual development of innovative tools that ease the burden on busy claims teams.  Please therefore feel free to let us know if there are any additional features that you would like to see in future iterations of the calculator.

To use our calculator, please visit:

Keoghs Ogden Calculator