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Suspect claim defeated by credit hire fraud evidence

High Court Appeal success with fundamentally dishonest claim

Issues of trustees, insurance and vicarious liability in historic abuse case

Abuse and Positions of Trust: Closing the Loophole

Fraudsters Found Guilty Of Contempt Of Court

Vulnerable witnesses and experts in abuse claims: court guidance on “best evidence”


Market Affairs Podcast Episode 5: Autonomous vehicles and data

Scotland: Justice Committee publishes Limitation (Childhood Abuse) (Scotland) Bill report

Redress in non-recent abuse claims – the past, present and the future

DCP Pilot Scheme Update

Damages Claims Portal (DCP) Pilot Scheme update 5

Vicarious Liability for Deliberate Data Breaches - More Reasons to Review Business Insurance Needs

The OIC Portal – a happy anniversary or not?

The New PPI? Distress and Anxiety Claims arising from Data Breaches

Damages Claims Portal Pilot Scheme update 4


Market Affairs Podcast Episode 4: Inflation

Four years on from the introduction of stiffer sentences for safety offences, what impact has there been on construction site safety?

Building Safety Act 2022 Update

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