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Blogs 12/01/2021

COVID-19 and prestige hires: Is like for like really an ‘entitlement’?

Whilst it is to be applauded that the majority of the industry on both sides have undoubtedly worked hard to establish and maintain a co-operative approach through the Covid crisis, amongst the minority there is no doubt that the last nine months have starkly amplified some of the kind of behaviours that embody the very worst excesses of the credit hire industry.

Blogs 06/01/2021

Changing [evidential] horses: a mere walk in a park or a steeple chase?

The recent High Court decision in James Hinson v Hare Realizations Ltd [2020 EWHC 2386 (QB)] provides further guidance to practitioners as to the relevant principles when considering abandoning a Single Joint Expert in favour of an independent expert, or when opposing an application made by the other party, to depart from an expert instructed on a single joint basis. In this blog we review the case and set out the principles to be applied in this potentially decisive tactical area.

Client Alerts 05/01/2021

COVID-19: Now and beyond

The development of a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus has been a welcome one for most of us. It promises a return to some semblance of normality after a difficult year. The government have indicated their intent to roll out a mass vaccination programme, with the most vulnerable in our society being one of the earliest groups targeted.