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UK Online Safety Act 2023

Lucy Faithfull Report into a year of work in schools following ‘Everyone’s Invited’

Historical Abuse Compensation Legislation in Northern Ireland

Historical Institutional Abuse Redress Board – An Update

Fraudsters Found Guilty Of Contempt Of Court

C & S v Norman Shaw and Live Active Leisure Ltd


Closing the Loophole: An Update

Application for Jury Trial in historic childhood abuse case rejected by Scottish Court

Apologies in non-recent abuse cases

Civil Liability Bill Amendments to the Discount Rate Provisions – what are they seeking to change?

IICSA update: Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme Review - additional consultation 2023

Asbestos – All change?

Mesothelioma and De Minimis exposure. When too little is argued too late.

Ofsted report and guidance following 'Everyone's Invited'

Limitation and Redress

COVID-19 – Remote government scrutiny

Mandatory Reporting of Abuse: The government response and a call for evidence

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