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Howard Dean

Howard Dean


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Howard is director of costs at Keoghs and has additional responsibilities in sales, client relationship management and as a member of Keoghs’ market and public affairs team.

He has specialised in defendant insurance litigation since being admitted as a solicitor in 1994. Howard has significant experience in dealing with catastrophic injury claims arising from road traffic accident claims. He deals with high value and strategic costs litigation and is highly experienced having represented parties in many of the landmark costs cases.

Howard has been heavily involved in civil justice reform and sat on the Civil Justice Council Jackson reforms working group advising on Qualified one way Costs Shifting, Part 36, Proportionality and Litigation funding.

He has been appointed to the Ministry of Justice Whiplash Reform working party to advise upon the introduction of a fixed tariff of compensation payments for whiplash claims.

Latest Insights by Howard Dean

Client Alerts 07/09/2021

Government response to FRC Consultation

The Government has responded to the 2019 consultation paper ‘Extending Fixed Recoverable Costs in Civil Cases: Implementing Sir Rupert Jackson’s Proposals’. The Government consulted on the following proposals: 1. Extending FRC to all other civil cases in the fast track, up to a value of £25,000 in damages; 2. A new process and FRC for NIHL claims; 3. Expanding the fast track to include simpler ‘intermediate’ cases valued between £25,000–£100,000 in damages; and 4. The introduction of costs budgeting in ‘heavy’ JRs

Client Alerts 18/08/2021

The new GHRs are approved: a retreat from objectivity

The Master of the Rolls has accepted the changes recommended by the Civil Justice Council’s (CJC) working group on Guideline Hourly Rates (GHR), and has asked that the recommendations are implemented, with a view to the new guide being used from 1 October 2021.  

AWARE 14/12/2020

Costs Aware | December 2020

Welcome to the eighth issue of Costs aware. In this issue we cover a number of areas including misguided inflationary increases to Guideline Hourly Rates. There is also a feature on data claims, an area that's become the focus of many claimant firms in 2020.