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Louise Murphy

Louise Murphy


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Louise has over 14 years′ experience of property risk and coverage matters. She specialises in fraudulent claims including those involving staged incidents, arson, exaggeration and fraudulent devices spanning motor, household and commercial claims.

She also advises on complex policy matters including breaches of conditions/warranties and avoidance. Louise also deals with large loss property liability and recovery cases for a number of clients.

Latest Insights by Louise Murphy

Arson Investigation

AWARE 14/06/2017

Arson Investigation Guide

Produced in response to client interest, this guide aims to assist insurers by identifying the pertinent issues which arise in arson cases involving buildings.

Blogs 22/07/2016

Collateral Lies in Insurance Claims

The Supreme Court has recently ruled that an insurer is not entitled to repudiate a claim for fraud on the basis of a "collateral lie" made by a policyholder in the presentation of a claim.  Partner, Louise Cruise, gives an overview of the implications for insurers.

Client Alerts 22/12/2015

The Enterprise Bill 2015

The Enterprise Bill (“the Bill”) had its third and final reading in the House of Lords last week and (assuming that there are no delays or significant amendments when it returns to the House of Commons early next year) it is anticipated that it will come into force in 2017.