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Mark Hall


Mark Hall

Mark Hall


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Mark is the Technical Director for Motor Non Fraud. He has extensive experience of personal injury casualty and motor claims in both the fast track and multi track having acted for most major domestic insurers, loss adjusters and brokers. Mark is responsible for the delivery of the quality framework across the unit - managing and controlling technical competencies, supervision structures, internal and client audit processes, local and strategic training and upskilling, and incident report processes.

He is also responsible for the drafting, implementation and governance of Know Your Opponent Strategies across the team, monitoring claimant behaviours and working alongside operations to deliver and monitor claim spend and savings. In addition he assists Client Account Managers in a client relationship role.

Latest Insights by Mark Hall

Blogs 14/06/2019

Whiplash Reform - The problems with the definition of “whiplash injury” and compensation tariffs

I have always been intrigued by the law of unintended consequences. Why is it that purposeful actions so often result in unforeseen outcomes? So I ask myself: Is this law playing mischief with the whiplash reforms? And if so, will unintended consequences provide an unexpected drawback to the desired intention of the reforms or even worse produce the total opposite to what was intended?