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Mark Hall

Mark Hall


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Mark is the Director of Strategy for Motor Personal injury.

He has extensive experience of casualty and motor claims in both the fast track and multi- track having acted for most major direct and composite  insurers, loss adjusters and brokers. Mark has delivered quality frameworks across business units - managing and controlling technical competencies, implementing supervision structures, devising internal and client audit processes, delivering local and strategic training and upskilling, and managing incident reporting processes.

He is now  responsible for strategy delivery and thought leadership in the motor personal injury space, implementation and governance of know your opponent strategies across business units, monitoring claimant solicitor behaviours and working alongside operations to deliver and monitor claim spend and savings. In addition he assists Client Account Managers in a client relationship role.

Latest Insights by Mark Hall

Client Alerts 30/06/2021

New Beginnings: Reflecting on the early days of the OIC Portal

After years of debates and numerous delays, the OIC portal finally arrived on 31 May 2021. It's fair to say the weeks since then have been underwhelming and the stampede of unrepresented claimants has failed to materialise. In this document, Mark Hall looks at the initial behaviours in the early days of OIC portal claims servicing.

Client Alerts 09/03/2021

Motor Claims and Cross Border disputes

The UK Government has published post-Brexit guidance on civil and commercial cross border disputes. Mark Hall discusses the changes and discusses the potential impacts on your motor claims portfolio.

Client Alerts 19/11/2020

Intelligent Automation for volume Personal Injury claims delivery

The drive for efficiency and consistency in the delivery of Personal Injury claims has seen a move towards automated digital claims processing in recent years. Mark Hall discusses what's happened so far, where things might go in the future and why you should already have a strategy in place to ensure you're not left behind your competitors.

Blogs 23/06/2020

COVID-19: Transforming change for Motor Personal Injury Claims?

Mark Hall, Strategy Director for Motor Personal Injury,  examines the longer term impact of the pandemic lockdown on claims volumes, severity and changing claimant market behaviours. With the whiplash reforms still intended for April 2021, is  Covid-19 now the catalyst for a structural  review  of claims delivery and strategy in a post pandemic claims world?

Client Alerts 25/03/2020

Whiplash Reforms- Is it time to re-invigorate claimant direct capture?

The current situation will almost certainly delay the Government’s intended 1 August implementation date for the Whiplash Reforms by at least six months, it is clear that the Reforms will eventually be implemented once the outstanding matters of the necessary Civil Procedure Rules and enabling secondary legislation are resolved.