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Mike returned to Keoghs in 2013 after working for a well-known defendant firm. He qualified in 1994 and began specialising in large loss litigation in 2003. Since that time he has gained experience in many areas, most notably traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, polytrauma, amputees, chronic pain and fatal accidents. Although Mike currently conducts a high value motor caseload, he also has extensive experience of public liability claims, sporting injuries, contempt of court and MIB litigation. Due to the nature of his caseload Mike regularly attends joint settlement meetings, both with and without counsel, and has engaged in ADR. Mike also regularly lectures to the insurance industry and peers.

Notable cases include Turner v Green & MIB (£2.5m defeated fraudulent motor claim), Day v Randhawa (Discount Rate) and MIB v Richards (£2.4m exaggerated motor claim defeated; imprisonment for contempt). Recent settlements include a lump sum of £4.1m for a brain injured teenager and a lump sum of £1.35m for a tetraplegic supplemented by a PPO of £250,000.

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Blogs 08/04/2021

A case of ill-gotten gains or permissible circularity?

Strange outcomes that offend common sense can and do still arise. In personal injury litigation, the scene can be a frequently encountered one, for example when a husband and wife are involved in a single vehicle accident, where responsibility lies with the husband. Mike Pope looks at a case where the claimant wife died before settlement of a case. What happens to the claim?