Samantha Ramen


Samantha Ramen

Samantha Ramen


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Samantha is a Partner and the Director of Market Affairs at Keoghs.

Samantha is a Client Account Manager (CAM) who proactively manages the relationships Keoghs has with key insurer clients. She is a member of Keoghs’ Sales Board and is also responsible for leading Keoghs market affairs and thought leadership programme; this includes keeping informed with and influencing any policy development that may affect the insurance industry through liaising with representatives within Government, Westminster and other relevant industry stakeholders.

Samantha joined Keoghs in 2015 from the ABI where she was the policy lead on civil justice issues, responsible for identifying and developing ABI policy in several key areas that directly affect the costs facing and the reputation of the insurance industry. Prior to the ABI, Samantha qualified and practiced as a commercial insurance litigation solicitor.

Latest Insights by Samantha Ramen

Client Alerts 26/02/2021

Whiplash reforms: Halfway house?

With the May 2021 launch date fast approaching, there has been much anticipation of seeing the ever-promised detail implementing the Government’s whiplash reforms. A bit - and in terms of what’s needed to prepare, it really is just a bit - of this detail was published yesterday. So what do we know, and what do we need to wait a little longer for?

Client Alerts 12/02/2021

Secondary legislation: Timing is everything…

The emergence of the 22 January CPRC meeting minutes has been widely publicised this week. The minutes confirm that CPRC members recommended that Sir Geoffrey Vos (the Master of the Rolls) approved the draft Pre-Action Protocol (PAP). It also states that the matter is due to return to the CPRC meeting held last week (5 February), indicating that good progress is being made towards an implementation date of May 2021.