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In this highly complex and emotive area, you need absolute certainty that your chosen legal partner firm is experienced, capable and can deal with your matters in a sensitive fashion. Our team has been defending abuse and failure to protect/remove claims for more than 20 years.

We can also advise upon strategic issues such as:

  • safeguarding and child protection policies
  • insurance indemnity and policy interpretation
  • information governance (including data protection)
  • media/reputation management

Our team will work with you closely at every stage. We ensure that investigations are sensitively handled, strategically planned and robustly managed. Our methods have been proven to deliver desired outcomes and significant savings to clients. Before considering whether to pay a claim, we consider avenues of resolution including, where appropriate: apologies, face-to-face meetings with litigants and agreements for counselling or other pastoral support.

We can provide assistance in locating and confirming cover as well as handling the defence of the claim. We ensure that the position of the client (and that of a prospective insurer) is fully protected at all times.

Our specialist team defends sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect claims involving children and vulnerable adults which are brought against local authorities and other public organisations.

We also specialise in more complex failure to remove/protect claims, defend professional negligence claims against social services and education staff, and deal with cases involving foster placements/failed adoptions, abuse at preschool facilities and cases concerning vulnerable adults.

The team are also heavily involved in defending claims concerning Child Sexual Exploitation.

For more information, contact Sarah Swan.


We deal with complex abuse claims, from standalone matters to group actions, involving both clergy and lay individuals. We recognise the particular sensitivities that arise in the context of claims that concern the relationship between a claimant and a religious institution.

For further information, contact Ian Carroll.

We deal with historical and current abuse claims against schools in both the maintained and independent sectors, specialist schools and facilities, universities and other educational organisations. The team works closely with senior staff and engages appropriately with witnesses to complete detailed and sensitive investigations. We often deal with litigants in person and are familiar with resolving their claims in a sympathetic and professional manner.

For further information, contact Ian Carroll

Abuse cases are highly sensitive and have the potential to attract significant media attention. The recent Scottish legislative reforms on limitation in abuse claims have potentially enabled and encouraged many thousands of victims and survivors to pursue civil claims for damages arising from alleged assaults that may date back as far as 1964.                                             

Our Scottish team has considerable experience of handling a wide range of non-recent abuse cases, from individual cases against private companies to multiparty group actions. Our team includes a dual-qualified partner who has experience in dealing with these cases both north and south of the border, including precedent-setting cases in the appellate courts.  Cases are usually handled from notification, meaning that we are uniquely placed to understand the complex nature of these claims and to conduct a detailed and methodical investigation at the earliest opportunity to ensure the best defence strategy is adopted from the outset. 

Regrettably, the reforms have also created greater risks for opportunism, exaggeration and fraud. Keoghs is renowned for its innovative counter-fraud strategies as well as the implementation of proactive strategies to counter floodgate litigation. Keoghs has invested in building the largest specialist intelligence team in the insurance industry and the richest database of fraudulent claims. 

Key Contacts: David Hennessy

We have been heavily involved in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and we represent a leading insurer in the Accountability & Reparation (A&R) Investigation, which is one of the 13 investigations that IICSA is conducting.

We are also experienced in conducting investigations outside of the formal civil claims process.

Key contacts: Ian Carroll

The recent explosion of claims for alleged non-recent abuse across the sporting world has been well documented. This has meant an even greater number of sporting organisations are now faced with many more abuse claims dating back many years.

Our team has extensive experience in defending recent and non-recent claims in the sporting world, most notably high-profile claims against professional football clubs at every level across the country who are facing allegations of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

Key contacts:  Ian Carroll