Credit Hire

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John Gibson

John Gibson


T:01204 678784

Our credit hire team handles every element of a credit hire claim, from our volume outsource service at GTA notification stage, through to our extensive litigation and fraud expertise.

This unique end-to-end solution offers you a significant benefit by removing the duplication of costs incurred when using multiple suppliers and, most critically, ensures a holistic strategy throughout the claims lifecycle. Our primary focus is on medium to long-term goals, rather than purely transactional savings and by addressing claims inflation we can reduce your total credit hire bills year-on-year.

We cover a full range of queries, from volume pre-litigation (GTA/non GTA) handling, to litigation and credit hire fraud, all of which are supported by the provision of market intelligence.

With a team of over 150 handling more than 35,000 claims per annum and results that speak for themselves, we consistently deliver market leading outcomes whilst offering you a substantial cost reduction.