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Ivor Long

Client Risk Workshops - Allergens

Food for Thought Winter '19

A recent client risk workshop, hosted by Willis Towers Watson and Keoghs, brought up some interesting discussion points with our own Ivor Long speaking at the event.

One of the key topics discussed, was five ways to reduce your risk profile and get ahead of the curve.

1. Prepare for Natasha’s Law now

New legislation will require full allergen warnings on all packaging, including pre-prepared food. Start doing this now and you’ll future-proof your compliance and be seen as a trustworthy, responsible food business.

2. Review your ingredients and suppliers annually

It’s a good idea to carry out a full review of ingredients and suppliers each year. Consider finding alternative sources if you identify serious risks, or if suppliers can’t provide the information you need.

3. Start asking customers if they have allergies

Some leading restaurant chains are doing this already. It will demonstrate that you’re doing everything you can to prevent food allergy incidents.

4. Show more allergens in your labelling

The number of allergens you need to flag is likely to increase from the current list of 14 up to 20. Consider providing information on emerging allergens, such as pea protein, now.

5. Build awareness and get your people on board

Make allergy awareness as high a priority as fire safety. Get everyone on board including the C-suite. Carry out scenario testing of an allergy incident – make it part of your contingency planning and training.


  • 10 people die from food allergies in the UK each year
  • 200% increase in peanut allergies in children in the UK, North America and Australia over the last 10 years
  • 1-2% of adults in the UK have a food allergy
  • 5-8% of children in the UK have a food allergy