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Credit Hire Aware 11


Issue 11 of Credit Hire Aware is now available.  In this edition, we look at the rise in credit hire fraud and what indicators to look out for; the importance of considering what happens when a trial case is lost, and we meet the complex credit hire team.

AWARE 22/12/2016

Review of the quarter

In the last few months much of the wider industry debate has centred around the Government’s consultation on reform to the personal injury market and the small claims track limit.  John Gibson, Motor Services Director, examines the credit hire element as well as looking at any key outcomes in the courts.

AWARE 22/12/2016

Be careful what you wish for

When advising clients on appeals we have always stressed that the most important thing to consider is not what happens if you win, but what happens if you lose - and that how your opponent may react to your course of action must be carefully thought out.

AWARE 22/12/2016

The rise of credit hire fraud

Fraser McAndry, head of credit hire fraud at Keoghs, looks back at credit hire fraud trends and statistics over the last couple of years and the safeguards required to ensure that fraudulent claims are being correctly identified, validated and investigated.

AWARE 22/12/2016

Complex credit hire - meet the team

Credit Hire Aware is the prime forum to celebrate and showcase the sterling work that the complex credit hire team has done over the last year and to highlight the way it has grown and achieved so much.

AWARE 22/12/2016

Lost in translation

Our credit hire team recently had a case which took an interesting twist when it came before the trial judge.

AWARE 22/12/2016

Credit hire in the portal

Melanie Mooney looks at the issues that are becoming more apparent on claims involving credit hire that are submitted to the Portal process.