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Food for Thought Winter '19


In this edition, we’re talking to Chris Green (Partner: Crime & Regulatory) to find out more about him and his team. We’ll be asking all about what a typical day looks like, and what makes the team tick.

Even when we make all the right provisions to create a safe and happy working environment, serious and life-changing accidents can still happen. With that in mind, we’ve put together an article covering the advances in prosthetics.

Next, we will be reviewing a recent case for a major food & drink client, where the allegations didn’t quite ring true, and showing how early investigation, key document retention and keeping a note of witness contact information all play a vital part in case defensibility.

We’ve also got an update for you on the recent events we’ve attended. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for our picture of Ivor sporting his new look!

Last, but by no means least, I’d like to say a big thank you to Julie Smith and the BidCorp team for our invitation to their charity golf and dinner event at Woburn. The event was a pleasure to participate in and I was also personally delighted to be nominated by Julie and the team for their New Account Manager of the Year Award!

Here is our latest selection of sector insight.

AWARE 07/11/2019

Mind your step

We’re all aware of the duty imposed on our clients under the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957 to take such care to see that a visitor to their premises will be reasonably safe using the premises for the purpose in which they are invited or permitted to be there.

AWARE 07/11/2019

Food & Drink Case Success

Early investigation, key document retention and ensuring witness contact information is noted are just some of the steps that assist with case defensibility.

AWARE 07/11/2019

Client Risk Workshops - Allergens

A recent client risk workshop, hosted by Willis Towers Watson and Keoghs, brought up some interesting discussion points with our own Ivor Long speaking at the event.