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Welcome to the second edition of our regular update for the retail sector

This year we will be focusing on key retail claims types, where a little attention could help your claims experience, whilst keeping you up to date with what’s happening in the retail and legal marketplace.

We also have an important warning from guest writer and MD of Slip Safety Services, Christian Harris, who discusses the common misconception that textured or profiled floors are automatically anti-slip.

If that’s not enough to brighten your February, we take a look at what the firm’s been up to since our last issue, examine the new timeline for the Civil Liability Bill now it has received Royal Assent, and give you the lowdown on how GDPR has affected legal requests for medical records.


AWARE 05/02/2019

Prevent bullying in the workplace

Whilst we anticipated a shift towards more subjective claim types following the introduction of the EL/PL Portal, we are only now starting to see more such claims being presented in the retail environment.

AWARE 05/02/2019

Market update - The Civil Liability Bill becomes an Act

The Civil Liability Act received Royal Assent. This confirms the framework for the whiplash reforms, changes the process for a regular review of the personal injury discount rate, and starts the clock ticking on the first review of the rate. So what now?