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Let's Talk Shop Spring 2019


Welcome to the Spring issue of our regular update for the retail sector.

This time around we provide a handy guide to protective equipment and employers' duties and discuss the potential impact of the increasing number of litigants in person.

We also provide an update on the Civil Liability Act, share analysis on market affairs and take a look at claiming back costs when you have been brought into proceedings by another defendant.

Finally I’d like to thank Dame Mary Perkins for taking the time to chat with us on a variety of subjects, including her views as co-founder of Specsavers on the future of the high street.

AWARE 12/06/2019

Protective equipment: The do's and don'ts

A significant number of retail claims are pursued by employees having suffered an injury at work caused by work equipment (whether it be misuse or defective) and failure to provide appropriate/suitable personal protective equipment (PPE).

AWARE 12/06/2019

The thorny issue of Litigants in Person

In the current climate of drastically reduced legal aid, restrictions on conditional fee agreements and the proposed increases to the small claims track limit, it is generally accepted that the upward trend of litigants in person (LIPs) appearing in court up and down the country will continue. 

Dame Mary Perkins

AWARE 12/06/2019

Q&A with Dame Mary Perkins

Keoghs recently had the opportunity to chat with co-founder of Specsavers and DBE recipient, Dame Mary Perkins, who talks innovation, the future of the high street and being a librarian in an alternative life.

AWARE 12/06/2019

The Civil Liability Bill becomes an act

The Bill received Royal Assent on 20 December 2018. This confirms the framework for the whiplash reforms, changes the process for a regular review of the personal injury discount rate, and started the clock ticking on the first review of the rate. So what now...