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Rise of the robots

At Your Leisure Autumn 2018

AI isn’t the future, it’s already here and handling claims

There has been much talk recently in the leisure and hospitality industry around AI and its potential role in dealing with claims.

Despite the legal sector buzzing with AI solutions over the last year or two, most examples appear to hijack the true meaning of artificial intelligence.

The automation of certain processes to speed up resolutions is not, in and of itself, AI.

A true Artificial Intelligence solution requires genuine automation and the ability to sift through information provided and make cogent decisions based on that information.

An authentic client interface and interaction with the AI at the point of contact is also of the utmost importance, ensuring necessary clarification or relevant documentation can be requested and sent without the need for a login and portal access.

Keoghs is at the forefront of the development of this technology for the legal industry, as Innovation Director, DeneRowe, explains:

Keoghs has now deployed Lauri, the first true AI lawyer to hit the insurance market, for a number of clients now. Lauri is a genuine game-changer, providing a solution to the market that is fully automated and robotic in nature but importantly delivers a quantum leap in speed, efficiency and cost reduction.

Additionally, we don’t want to simply bring a DIY-litigation portal based system to market that would create duplication and inefficiencies in our clients’ own businesses. For AI to be embraced, there has to be a benefit for our clients and replicating a human interaction with no extra systems, logins or processes is crucial. With Lauri, if we cannot integrate system-to-system through the technology itself, then the claims handler simply communicates through email as they generally would at present with human lawyers.

At Keoghs we say Lauri is the future, better handled; but this new member of our team shows that the future is already here.”