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Medical advances in the use of brain power


News of a significant breakthrough appeared in the papers over the weekend and has major implications for complex injury claims. A US company called Synchron has developed an implant that enables direct communication to external technology, similar to Bluetooth, without the necessity for brain surgery.

The Stentrode brain/computer interface implanted via the jugular vein enabled high level paralysis patients to resume daily tasks including texting, emailing, shopping and banking online through direct thought. Stentrode has been granted Breakthrough Device designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a status reserved for innovative solutions addressing irreversibly debilitating conditions. The safety and efficacy data from the feasibility study will be used to finalise protocols for a future FDA-approved trial that will guide evaluation for U.S. marketing approval.


This technology should have significant implications in terms of reducing the amount of “hands on” care required for many day to day activities and in some cases should facilitate a return to remunerative employment. This development should be watched closely and in appropriate cases explored with the medico legal experts as an option as and when it becomes available in the market. In appropriate cases, it may support an insurer seeking a provisional damages award or even a variable periodic payment.

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