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Brexit or bust?

Client Alerts04/10/2019

Last week, we said that for the Prime Minister, a long career in politics had boiled down to “Brexit or bust” and it seems that that message has caught on in Downing Street this week.

Not a Monday goes by that we don’t think that this is the start of a vital week for the Prime Minister. But at the beginning of this week, with his first Party Conference speech as Prime Minister taking place while MPs were back in Westminster (because his attempt to send them away had been deemed unlawful) the importance of the week was self-evident, and a decision was made to focus on the Government’s headline pledge, and little else.

When proroguing Parliament, Mr Johnson claimed that it was necessary to hold a Queen’s Speech in order to deliver the “dynamic domestic agenda” that his Government had planned. Fast forward then to a Party Conference speech in which the Prime Minister didn’t announce a single new policy (something almost unique in political history) but said “get Brexit done” seven times and called for a General Election three times.

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The speech on Wednesday, and the subsequent presenting of his Brexit proposals to Parliament on Thursday, shows a Prime Minister that has his eyes set on only one thing at the moment.

But such is the nature of our politics that this focus might not last too long if another constitutional quirk or flurry is just around the corner. There are still plans afoot for a Queen’s Speech on 14th October, and there will certainly need to be domestic policies in any forthcoming election manifesto.

What does this mean for those of us that are hoping for something other than Brexit to be discussed and worked on in the halls of Parliament? The best advice now might just be to sit tight and wait until the latest crunch time in politics has passed. It might not be too long a wait.