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Keoghs counter-fraud successes broadcast on BBC

News And Events08/12/2017

The Keoghs counter-fraud team have appeared once more on TV screens in the last couple of weeks, with the ninth series of the popular BBC programme Claimed and Shamed airing two successful cases.

Counter-Fraud Partner, James Heath, appeared in episode three, taking viewers through a case where investigations with AXA uncovered video material and evidential inconsistencies which resulted in a finding of fundamental dishonesty for two claimants.

Click here and skip to 7 minutes 20 seconds to view the full interview and cab-cam footage which helped incriminate the pair. You can also read an in-depth report on the case here.

Meanwhile, in episode ten, fellow Counter-Fraud Partner Damian Ward details the unprecedented private prosecution of 21 fraudsters following a bizarre pre-planned collision between a stooge car and a bus.

Click here and head to 18 minutes 24 seconds to watch Damian talk through the elaborate and entirely unconvincing performance via CCTV footage. For further details on this high profile case, read our full release.

Following his BBC debut, Damian Ward commented;
“The private prosecution of 21 fraudsters was the largest case of its type and garnered international press attention at the time. It’s still quite amazing to consider such a brazen attempt to defraud the insurance industry and there is a definite satisfaction in revisiting such a successful trial.”

James Heath added;
“As Keoghs continues to adapt our strategies to counter the ever changing behaviours of insurance fraudsters, it is great to see our cases being recognised by Claimed and Shamed; especially given the high profile and extremely positive results we have achieved for our clients over the last year.”