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Police unravel complex insurance scam worth £225,000

News And Events24/06/2015

A gang of fraudsters have been brought to justice after police unravelled a complex insurance scam worth £225,000.

Sixteen people were sentenced for their involvement in the crash for cash scam which worked across a wide area from Chorlton to Newcastle upon Tyne, and operated through a firm known as Optimum Car Hire.

Keoghs’ Fraud Ring team acted on behalf of insurers to successfully defend any relevant claims involving Optimum Car Hire. They also worked closely alongside the firm’s Law Enforcement Liaison team, which submitted evidence to support Greater Manchester Police with the case.

Such evidence included a series of false hire invoices created on the back of staged collisions, in one case for £25,000.

The group was later arrested and sentenced at Manchester Crown Court on June 11 and June 12, with one of the accused, Jason Brown, being sentenced to 5 years 2 months in prison.

Sandra Hughes, Keoghs Law Enforcement Liaison Officer was delighted with the result, commenting: “This is another success story which illustrates the industry working together to ensure fraudsters are at high risk of prosecution. Congratulations go to Greater Manchester Police for a fantastic result.”

Full details of the sentencing can be found on the Manchester Evening News website.