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Client Alerts 05/06/2020

COVID-19: Can bosses guarantee safe workspaces?

The Government has issued a new timeline and guidance on the re-opening of much of the UK’s industry. Will it be enough to ensure that employers can guarantee a safe working environment for their employees and customers?

Blogs 06/08/2019

Mortality data and the actuarial tables

 The new tables published last week by the Government Actuary at the new discount rate of -0.25% are based on the same mortality data that was used in the last edition of the Ogden tables (7th Edition).

Blogs 27/06/2019

What is osseointegration?

The process of osseointegration, otherwise known as direct skeletal fixation, involves a permanent titanium implant being surgically inserted into the residual limb with an end piece that protrudes out of the skin to which a prosthesis can be attached.

Blogs 18/06/2019

Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act S69

As we approach the 6th anniversary of the introduction of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act (ERRA) S69 only now do we have the first significant judicial interpretation of an employer’s duty post implementation.