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Client Alerts 28/07/2021

Head Injuries in Contact Sport: Tackling a Major Issue

In this article from Partner and member of the brain injury Special Interest Group, Martin McAleer, the issues surrounding head injuries in contact sports, particularly rugby, are discussed in depth, summarising what is a fast-changing area of complex injury.

Client Alerts 23/04/2021

Part 36 enforceability in protected party cases

In this client alert, Partner Jamie McCabe discusses the recent case of Wormald v Ahmed [2021] EWHC 973 (QB) HHJ Ambrose, which has provided important guidance to those seeking to resolve catastrophic injury cases where the claimant is a minor or protected party by virtue of a lack of capacity. 

Blogs 18/12/2020

Rugby Authorities forced to tackle a whole new ball game?

Partner and lead for Keoghs' Brain Injury Special Interest Group, Libby Ferrie, takes a look at the growing understanding of brain injury in sports, and the implications this has on injury claims, as eight former rugby players enter claims for early onset dementia.

Client Alerts 30/04/2020

Divisibility of brain injuries

The Brain Injury Special Interest Group (SIG) has produced an article examining the case of Farah v MIB & Ors [2020] EWHC 825 (QB), where the Court determined, amongst other issues, how Diffuse Axonal Injuries (DAIs) occur, the divisibility of separate brain injuries and the chain of causation regarding deliberate acts within a complex set of accident circumstances.