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Blogs 27/06/2016

Personal Injury Post Brexit…?

With the country still reeling from the shock of Friday’s result, the insurance industry must be wondering: what will become of the Government’s planned reforms to whiplash and the small claims track limit?

Blogs 09/02/2016

Civil Justice Reform – the Never-Ending Story?

Civil justice reform is hosting a party this spring – and everyone wants an invite. From debate around the Autumn Statement announcements to Briggs to Lord Justice Jackson, it seems as though no one can help but discuss how we should be improving the way in which civil claims are handled and compensated.

Blogs 13/05/2015

Coalition; What Coalition?

Will we ever trust the pollsters again? After what was billed for weeks, if not months, as the election that was just too tight to call with predictions of a hung parliament, the Conservatives produce a majority victory and form the new Government.