Cyber Risks

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Andrew Schütte

Andrew Schütte


T:0203 436 2350

Expert Legal Support and Advice on Cyber Risks

Our team has been active in the cyber insurance market since 2010. We give coverage advice, draft cyber insurance wordings and provide cyber claims services to our clients.

Our cyber insurance experts advise on all aspects of cyber perils and the insurance that covers them. Examples of issues where we have advised or acted include:

  • Cyber business interruption triggers, coverage and quantum

  • Notification requirements

  • Sublimit, deductible and aggregation language

  • Physical damage to hardware

  • Applicability of war exclusions to cyber perils

  • Scope of cover in respect of IT upgrades and improvements

  • Claims arising from damage to crops due to software failures at pesticide plants

  • Claims arising from loss of financial data concerning client accounts

  • Advising on retroactive cover dates in relation to dormant viruses

  • Tracing and recovery claims for phishing and vishing losses and man-in-the middle attack



In addition to our work on claims, we draft cyber insurance contract wordings and endorsements, provide coverage reviews and ‘gap’ analyses (for single risks and (re)insurance programmes) and advise on so-called silent cyber in ‘traditional’ insurance products.