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JR v Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundations Trust [2017] EWHC 1245 (QB)

Client Alerts||30/10/2017

Fourteenth Edition of the Judicial College’s Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Client Alerts||15/09/2017

Personal Injury Discount Rate

Client Alerts||08/09/2017

Limitation (Childhood Abuse) (Scotland) Act 2017 to come into force in October 2017

Client Alerts||23/08/2017

Costs budget exaggeration is misconduct

Client Alerts||17/08/2017

Blackmore v Department for Communities and Local Government 2017 EWCA Civ 1136

Client Alerts||04/08/2017

Lord Justice Jackson's review into Fixed Recoverable Costs (FRC)

Client Alerts||01/08/2017

Sentencing guidelines: Reduction in sentence for a guilty plea – update

Client Alerts||27/07/2017

Minibus claims worth over £100,000 stopped dead in their tracks as Keoghs and Mulsanne Insurance prove fundamental dishonesty

News And Events||20/11/2017

Keoghs IT team celebrate double award win

News And Events||17/11/2017

Keoghs unveils first true AI insurance lawyer

News And Events||07/11/2017

Expansion continues for Keoghs with launch of Marine, Ports and Offshore team

News And Events||03/11/2017

Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

News And Events||20/10/2017

Keoghs IT team recognised in prestigious awards

News And Events||19/10/2017

Disputed causation leaves claimants paying the price

News And Events||17/10/2017

Keoghs announce 20 promotions and four new appointments

News And Events||31/08/2017

The Meaning of “Accidental Damage”


Is an approved budget the starting point for a payment on account of costs?


The Discount Rate - Time to Draw the Line?


Out of your Control: The expanding limits of vicarious liability - Natasha Armes v Nottinghamshire County Council


Keoghs Launches Online Ogden Multiplier Calculator


A new way of life? Magill v Panel Systems (DB Limited)


Driver disqualification and the case for exceptional hardship


Health and Safety Executive FFI invoices – new panel, same challenges


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Costs Aware Issue 3


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Costs Aware 2


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Costs Aware 2


Litigation in the area of costs is being fought with increasing intensity, with new issues arising soon after a point has finally been decided.  With that in mind, we have a wide range of articles in this issue from various members of Keoghs' costs team, addressing the latest behaviours and case law affecting insurers in this area.

If you have any queries about articles featured in this issue please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the contributors listed in the publication.

Order for interim payments on account of costs


Costs Negotiator, Kayla Rees, looks at recent case law affecting orders for interim payments on account of costs.

The dangers of the approved costs budget


Ben Petrecz and Howard Dean discuss approved costs budgeting and detailed assessment questioning the merits of each.

Transforming our justice system


On the 15th September the Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice, and the Senior President of Tribunals published a joint statement on their shared vision for the future of Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service.

Challenging unreasonably incurred court fees


In the first of two articles, Hayley Blackburn examines a common behaviour where claimant solicitors bring proceedings on an individual basis for linked claimants, increasing costs for insurers as a result.

Recoverable costs of attending an inquest


Yvonne Booth questions whether the costs of attending an inquest should be recoverable in the context of a civil claim?

Late acceptance of Part 36 offers and indemnity costs


Claimants have long been pushing for defendants to be penalised in indemnity costs for accepting genuine offers of settlement out of time. The number of applications based merely upon the fact of late acceptance is steadily growing resulting in first instance decisions for both sides.

Part 36 and "genuine attempts to settle"


Elaine Pitt looks at Part 36 offers and the difficulty involved with "genuine attempts to settle".

Merrix v Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust


On 13 October, before Regional Costs Judge, District Judge Lumb, it was decided that a “good reason” to depart downwards from an approved budget is not needed upon detailed assessment.

Are claimants incurring court fees unnecessarily?


Hayley Blackburn tackles a second issue involving court fees that could impact indemnity spend.