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At Your Leisure Autumn 2018


Welcome to the second edition of our regular Corporate and Sector Risks update for the leisure sector. Amongst other topics, this issue finds us celebrating a great result which could help shape future defences of dance floor slip claims, whilst we also explore the huge rise in trampoline park claims along with a worrying trend for pre-trial discontinuances.

The subject on everybody’s lips at the moment seems to be Artificial Intelligence and its potential applications in the claims handling arena. With that in mind, we welcome Keoghs’ Innovation Director, Dene Rowe, who provides an insight into how Keoghs is leading the way with legal AI.

It has been an exciting few months since the first edition of At Your Leisure covered our move to Keoghs, and the future is looking very bright; even with robots in tow.

AWARE 05/11/2018

Employee Liability and Violence at Work

There is an ever increasing number of employees on the front line of customer interface who are not expected to deal with violent or aggressive situations, but are unfortunately finding themselves involved in such scenarios.

AWARE 05/11/2018

Jumping the gun

The number of trampoline parks in the UK has risen by 3,000% since 2014, and this surge in growth has seen a correlating increase in related accidents and injuries.

AWARE 05/11/2018

Timing is everything

We look at a case where a confirmed pathogen was successfully defended, examining how the judgment was achieved and what lessons can be learned for future claims.

AWARE 05/11/2018

Rise of the robots

There has been much talk recently in the leisure and hospitality industry around AI and its potential role in dealing with claims. However as Keoghs' Innovation Director, Dene Rowe, tells us, AI isn’t the future, it’s already here and handling claims.