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David Scott


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At Your Leisure Summer 2019


We’re now a year into our time at Keoghs and this edition focuses on some recent case successes for the team and our clients, hopefully giving you some guidance and tactics on how best to protect your finances and brand reputation in similar circumstances.

With summer around the corner and many revisiting that dusty gym membership, Joanne Candy and Emma Mitchell discuss a huge victory for Virgin Active in respect of treadmills and equipment safety.

We also have Bethany Mcnally talking to Nigel Kilgallon from Blackpool Pleasure Beach about his career and most interesting claim. In addition we cover other trial wins and discontinuances recently secured by the team and revisit the success of our ‘slip on the dancefloor’ claim, featured in the last edition.

It’s been an exciting first year since our move to Keoghs and this issue really showcases how far we’ve come, we hope you enjoy!

David Scott
Partner, Hospitality & Leisure Practice Lead


AWARE 11/07/2019

Unpalatable claim found fundamentally dishonest

We often find cases from across a variety of sectors can provide interesting updates for those in the hospitality and leisure sector, offering a fresh perspective on claims within the industry. The following case is an excellent example of implementing fundamental dishonesty post-defence which can mean a difference of thousands in costs saved.

AWARE 11/07/2019

Q&A with Nigel Kilgallon

Keoghs case handler, Beth Mcnally, chats with Nigel Kilgallon from Blackpool Pleasure Beach Group of Companies, discovering the strangest claim he’s encountered and a propensity for Miami Vice…

AWARE 11/07/2019

Murder on the dancefloor? Not for us!!

On the back of the team’s success with Robinson v Bourne Leisure, we’ve secured further discontinuances, which we say is no coincidence. Several cases recently presented to us have discontinued once disclosure has taken place, further proving these cases can be defended if systems and procedures are in place and documentation retained.

AWARE 11/07/2019

The case of the spitting burger

A claiment alleged that whilst he was waiting in line for food on the defendant’s premises, he was struck by ‘spitting fat’ from a flipped burger which was being prepared by one of the defendant’s employees.