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Disease Aware Issue 3


Welcome to Issue 3 of Keoghs’ regular Disease AWARE magazine.

"Disease claims litigation continues to be among the most dynamic areas of law. It can be difficult to keep up with the constant flow of case law - and even more difficult to find time to think how this should change our approach to other claims.

We want Disease Aware to help you with that. The articles in this edition cover a wide range of issues - from the legal policy constraints in psychiatric injury claims to the intricacies of expert evidence in deafness.

In each case we try to do a little more than simply reporting a case outcome. We try to understand the underlying legal thinking behind each decision, and how each might be deployed to best effect in defending claims.

We are proud of the fact that many of the articles come from more junior Keoghs staff. Good legal analysis and commercial advice are not the exclusive reserve of partners. Our business depends on serving our clients' best interests at all levels. Disease Aware plays a big role in that. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful."