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Fraud Aware 5


We kick off our latest edition with some interesting statistics thrown up by this year’s Keoghs Fraud Index, which suggest, amongst other trends, that opportunistic fraud is on the rise.

Elsewhere we take a look at the ongoing issues surrounding Late Notified Claims and the award winning strategy we are employing to combat this prevalent type of fraud. There is also a follow up to last year’s LSI article, which hints at Nostradamus-like levels of foresight from Damian Ward...

Speaking of Damian, he examines the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision in the recent Hayward case while also taking time out to look back at our prosecution of 21 fraudsters, a trial which made the national press and has just been nominated for an award.

With important cases in mind, Nina Dayal gives us the latest take on the casualty fraud arena, analysing three ground-breaking Keoghs cases which resulted in findings of S57 Fundamental Dishonesty.

With our Credit Hire Fraud team evaluating storage and recovery heads of loss plus Louise Cruise embellishing on her recent ‘Collateral Lies’ blog post, this fifth edition of Fraud AWARE is packed full of content which we hope you’ll find useful. Don't forget to download a copy below!

Late Notified Claims

AWARE 27/10/2016

Multi-award winning LNC strategy sheds light on key issues

The Keoghs Late Notified Claims team celebrated a double victory recently after winning ‘Claims Initiative of the Year’ at the British Insurance Awards and ‘Independant Fraud Investigation Team of the Year’ at the Insurance Fraud Awards. Following this success, and given recent data revealed by the Fraud Index, Ben Leech who heads up the team, discusses what can be learnt from Keoghs’ robust, award winning approach.

Fake That

AWARE 27/10/2016

Fake That! A Retrospective

Keoghs’ private prosecution of 21 fraudsters led to an unprecedented judgment in August. With the case having just been shortlisted for an award, we take a look back at the details.

Judicial Approach

AWARE 27/10/2016

The Judicial Approach

Following Fraser McAndry’s article on exaggerated heads of loss, Keoghs Associate, Hamida Khatun, puts principle into practice by examining the judicial approach to three of her recent cases. Hamida also looks at the steps insurers can take to protect themselves when faced with similar cases.